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Get More Leads & Sales via Pay Per Click Advertising

We are certified partner of Facebook & Google which means both Facebook & Google acknowledge our expertise in advertising and selling on their platforms efficiently and effectively.

We understand how to engage audience on Social Media with the best return on your buck.

Moreover, unlike other agencies, we choose to be transparent with our clients cause we believe that our clients should have the ability to make decisions based on actual facts rather than the story of what might work could have worked.


The Pay Per Click model, better known as PPC (or sometimes, Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords), has completely upset the advertising apple cart. Why? Well, unlike traditional ad formats, with PPC your budget never goes to waste, because you literally get what you pay for. In PPC advertising, you only ever pay when users actually click on your ad – this mostly happens in search engines, but some social platforms use this model too.

PPC advertising and your bottom line

Pay Per Click is a true all-rounder. PPC campaigns help you reach new audiences, keep your brand front of mind for existing customers, and extend your impressions across your potential customer base. A clever PPC strategy can take advantage of the buying mindset during your prospect’s initial research to give you the most bang for your buck.

2x with Google AdWords and Bing Ads

To drive revenue growth, it’s important to cover as much of the market as you can – so a PPC advertising strategy that combines both Google AdWords and Bing advertising networks is a no-brainer. While both platforms are very similar on the surface there are minor subtleties which can be used to tweak your campaigns to get the best results. The kicker is that we can easily import a successful Google AdWords campaign into Bing Ads, broadening your reach at little to no cost.


Our PPC Strategies has a 32.4x Return On Investment!

How do we achieve such significant returns than other agencies?

It’s simple, we know, no matter what result we achieve for you today, tomorrow’s should be better.

Every single day we work on your account, tweaking our strategies to what fits best to your audience with the aim to improve results. It is this unrelenting dedication to getting better results every day that leads our clients to get $14 back for every $1 they spend.


25 + PPC Strategies and Funnels

We have over 25 + proven strategies and funnels that have helped us generate 1000’s of customers for our clients.
Our Funnel strategies are so good that our clients need to grow their sales teams within 60 days of strategy implementation.

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