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Benefits of Great Explainer Video

There are upwards of 20 reasons as to why explainer videos are one of the best marketing assets for your company. 
Some of the benefits of having an explainer video are;

Videos combine the best of all content worlds. They implement visuals, sound, and text. This is why more people interact with video than other forms of content.

Video offers great SEO results. Explainer videos maximise your SEO efforts. This is because of popularity and Google’s algorithms that trawl.

Explainer videos are the key to customer engagement.

Your explainer video should be on your website but also on a shareable platform such as Facebook. That’s because explainer videos have lots of share value.

You should always use an explainer video in ads. If you can shorten your video by a few seconds, you’ll open up your viewership to millions. Now, who doesn’t want their brand to appear in front of more eyeballs than less?

An explainer video helps you sum up who you are, what you do, and how you can benefit customers.

As your explainer video gains more popularity, Google will promote your website. Your video views will increase and your brand awareness will maximize.

Lure. Engage. Convert. This is the formula for more sales.

4x Times More Engagement

Statistics say that having great explainer videos for your products/services increases customer engagement by more than 400%. That is Phenomenal!

Easier Conversions

It is also analysed that customers who have seen your product/service explainer videos are much more easier to convert than the once who haven't. 

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Project Planning

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Fortnightly Reporting

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