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Benefits of Effective & Efficient Email Marketing

There are several VERY IMPORTANT reasons as to why email marketing is of critical importance for any type of business, across all industries. Afterall, the objective of marketing is to get in touch with your customers, and email is the most common as well as widely used medium of communication – especially business communications. 
It is not only smart but practical to invest time towards building efficient and effective email marketing campaigns in order to nurture your prospects and turn them into leads. 
Some of the key principles we use for building effective email email campaigns are:

We segment your potential customers based on various factors in order to optimally utlize every single dollar spent towards marketing while making sure that only the right prospects are being contacted. Some of our segmentation parameters are: 
i. Demographics
ii. Sociographics
iii. Psycographics
iv. Purchase history
v. Interest Groups
vi. Prospects current interests shown across various platforms
vii. and many more segmentation strategies which pin down your ‘specific’ target customer.

We believe your customers deserve the personalized communication they deserve and expect. We use high-level personalization techniques and strategies to make all email communications highly personalized to your individual customers. 

Timing for any and all form of email communication matters. You don’t want to email your customers at time and day when they are most likely to ignore or overlook the email. We take advantage of various tests in order to analyse the best time as well as day for your particular customers to contact so that we can optimize your email campaign engagement rates significantly.

People interact differently to emails, and considering that on average a person receives 88 emails a day, it is very important to make sure that your emails stand out enough for your customers to engage with. We use A/B testing to understand the behavioural patterns your customers show to your email campaigns in order to customize and optimize the email campaigns in a manner which receives highest engagement resulting in increasing the effectiveness of email campaigns.

Depending on your email campaign objectives, we customize email engagement journeys and strategies which are specific to your goals while optimizing the engagement rates across your email campaigns.

With the wide flow and availability of information out there, your customers are likely being bombarded with marketing emails every single day. It is of significant importance to analyse the email insights on your campaigns while optimizing your email campaigns, we call this our SUPERB data-driven email analysis strategy which results in overall business growth. 

Facts you didn't know!

Return On Investment (ROI)

Email Marketing has the highest ROI as compared with other forms of marketing.

88 emails a day!

It has been reported that on average a person receives 88 email a day! Which is about 616 emails a week!
Now, that's a-lot of emails to catch up on if you've taken a week off.

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Fun Fact

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Our Process You Ask?

Well, we work in 3 easy to follow steps: Strategy, Execution, and Deliverables.

Project Planning
Project Planning

We will understand your needs and provide suggestions to business plan to get the best possible results from Marketing.


Then we implement the strategies put forth in the Project Plan and see the results grow!

Fortnightly Reporting
Fortnightly Reporting

Finally, unlike other agencies, we will report to you every 14 days to update you the SUPERB performance of the Project Plan.

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